New Building News

Our new building is becoming real. Here are the plans for the new build. Keep checking our socials for updates.

While we are closed we will be visiting communities where our young people live and keeping in touch with them. Cook offs, cinema nights and games are all in the pipeline.

If you live in a town or village that is part of the rural Clydesdale Community get in touch as we may be coming to you.

Warm Spaces

The cost-of-living crisis is expected to put 16.4 million people in fuel poverty this winter, with many forced to choose between food and warmth. Community organisations across the UK have already seen a soar in demand for their services and anticipate this number to further rise over the winter months, with many people expected to look for their support for the first time.
We need your help to ensure that we can fulfil our promise to provide a safe, free, warm and welcoming space for individuals and families to keep encouraged and out of the cold. Your support will assist us with the running costs of keeping our lights on and our heat up, paying our staff for additional hours and providing our volunteers with everything they need to offer the warm hospitality and essentials that we seek to provide to anyone attending our Warm Welcome space; tea, coffee and/or a bite to eat. Please consider giving generously so that we can provide the best possible support to our community in their time of need. If you can’t give financially at this time and would like to offer to volunteer your time, please contact us at the centre. Thank you for your love and support. If you would like to find out more about our Warm Welcome space, or discuss how you can support us financially, please get in touch

Community Pumpkin Feast Fri 28 Oct

Did you know that every year nearly 40 million pumpkins are bought in the UK, but only 22 million are actually eaten – the rest are thrown away after they’ve been carved. Now that’s a scarey thought!

This year we’ve teamed up with Hubbub to invite everyone in Biggar to share their pumpkin-based dishes at our community Pumpkin Feast. Just pop down to the Youth Project between 5 pm and 7:30 for an evening of fun and food! Fancy dress is optional, as is bringing your own pumpkin-based dish. There are plenty of tasty ideas on how to #EatYourPumpkin on the Hubbub website, so why not try a few out!

Traditionalists who prefer tumshies are welcome to bring neep-based dishes along instead!

Aid for Ukraine

sunflowers, flowers, yellow flowers-6515860.jpg

Of course we have all seen what is happening to our European neighbours and so many of us have wondered what we can do.

We at Biggar Youth Project decided to collect for the Ukraine. We contacted a Polish contact in a charity with a branch in Edinburgh and were soon given a list of what to collect. We shared this and within a week the local and wider community were dropping off items. We took two large vans packaged and labelled to Edinburgh and were met with such warmth and kindness. Of course we stayed and helped out and listened to how the war was affecting them personally.

Thank you to everyone who donated items on the list. From the shop owner who went to the cash and carry to fill his van, the nearby villages and towns for having collection points, down to the pupil who arrived after lunch with a packet of plasters he had bought. Thank you to the wonderful volunteers, who just got on with the job in hand, even though some of them just happened to be passing by. Thank you to the pupils who gave their time and continue to give their spare change for us to donate.