Aid for Ukraine

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Of course we have all seen what is happening to our European neighbours and so many of us have wondered what we can do.

We at Biggar Youth Project decided to collect for the Ukraine. We contacted a Polish contact in a charity with a branch in Edinburgh and were soon given a list of what to collect. We shared this and within a week the local and wider community were dropping off items. We took two large vans packaged and labelled to Edinburgh and were met with such warmth and kindness. Of course we stayed and helped out and listened to how the war was affecting them personally.

Thank you to everyone who donated items on the list. From the shop owner who went to the cash and carry to fill his van, the nearby villages and towns for having collection points, down to the pupil who arrived after lunch with a packet of plasters he had bought. Thank you to the wonderful volunteers, who just got on with the job in hand, even though some of them just happened to be passing by. Thank you to the pupils who gave their time and continue to give their spare change for us to donate.